Saturday, 4 December 2010

Snow arrives!

A beautiful site for me my family and herd. I'm really enjoying working the land and the changes in seasons. Lots going on at the moment, I'm looking forward to enjoying more in the Spring right now it seems as if as soon as you sort one thing out something else comes up just to keep me on my toes...

Gisele and Mildred our two sows are awaiting a Saddleback boar 
and now respect the electric fence.

Gisele is much more alert  than Mildred as she's able to see all due to her pricked ears...

Inside a water tub, I'm having to hand ball water at the moment as all the pipes are frozen.

Defrosting trough

You can see that the GOS like all our herd have course bristle hair, they're very hardy swine...

Feeding time.

I've now got them trained to get into this formation when I tell them to.... Performing piggies anyone?

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