Tuesday, 7 December 2010

How to order

Pork can be ordered by whole, half and quarter carcass – butchered to your specifications. Or as individual cuts. 

Whole Pig: Approx. 40-60kgs @ £8.00/kg butchered to your specifications. (To see examples please see half and quarter pig below)

Half Pig: Approx. 20-30kgs @ £8.00/kg [one shoulder to roast, either whole or cut in half, one leg to roast either whole or cut in half, belly (either as a 2-3 roasts and/or cut as spare ribs),loin either as 1 or 2 roasting joints and/or cut as chops, liver, kidney and two trotters, and bones.]

Quarter Pig: Approx. 9-15kgs @ £8.00/kg [half shoulder roast, half a leg roast, half the bell (either as a roast or spare ribs), half the loin either as a roasting joint or cut as chops, liver, and one trotter and bones].

We can also offer a whole hog for roasting please ask for further details.

A Pork box
can consisting of :- kg Leg Joint of Pork kg Spare Ribs, Joint of Pork, kg Pork Chops 2kg Sliced strips of Belly Pork kg Assorted Varieties of Sausage 

Individual Cuts
Loin Chop           
Rack of Ribs       
Belly Rolled Joint  

Back Leg:       
Roasting Cuts:
Collar Joint        
Spare Ribs          
Leg Joint or Steak        
Mini Leg Joint      
Belly Joint         



Please contact either:

Andre: andrecardona@mac.com  07958 655962 or 
Jane:  missjaneevans@gmail.com  07730 910643

Helping Conservation - by eating the produce of rare breeds it encourages more people to keep more of them and therefore you will be helping us to save rare breeds.

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