Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Boar Arrives!

So I set off to Ampthill to pick up 'Percy the Boar', a lovely Saddleback... A great hog if I might say so myself. Percy is my first sow companion and is known to have great offspring which is just what I'm looking for, hopefully this means lots of saddlebacks ready for next Summer.

The last of my weaners went over  to Hitchin today,  so no more piggies at home in the back garden.  I'll now be able to start sorting out the veg patch for next year.

Last Saturday was a bad day for us as I came back home to find 5 dead chooks... the fox got into the back yard and killed half our brood so we relocated the remaining ones to the green house until I'm able to build a new chook run.

 With less than 500 registered breeding females, the breed is classed as ‘At Risk

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