Thursday, 25 November 2010

relocated to hitchin

We have relocated most of the herd now to Hitchin and have started to send porkers to the abattoir. The first to go are the Iron Age, a very tasty breed according to comments back from the chef....

So back on to the herd, all the porkers are coming along nicely. I'll soon start going to the abattoir on a weekly basis. We're looking forward to some lovely pork for christmas and already trying to dream up some new sausage recipes - all recommendations welcome!

I picked up 4 new saddleback weaners today - from a little school locally, when I arrived I had to wait to get started while the kids got their wellies and overalls on to help me chase them! These four will join our Tamworth x Iron Age weaners to give us a good range of breeds on the farm.

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