Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Electric fence packs in!

Came home to find pigs roaming around on the lawn and electric fencing had packed up... So with a torch in hand I got some food out to help get them all in. Once I'd got them down by the arks I went about some emergency patching on the fence where they had got out.

Next morning I was still waiting for a replacement Energiser to come in the post but the clever little ones had got out again! So I sorted them out once more and got on the phone to my fencing supplier and he sorted out my problem by the means of me going to the local suppliers by Luton to collect an Energiser   free of charge to sort out my pig problem. This made me much happier than waiting for the postman.... Whew!

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  1. Please post more pictures...I love to see how is your life around nature in that beautiful place.