Saturday, 16 October 2010

GOS move back home

So I've moved 8 pedigree Gloucester Old Spots back home into the back garden and moved the chooks as well... The pigs have already done a good job clearing the nettles and the veg patch. There are still damsons on the tree for them to munch on. Spent the morning cleaning out all the pig arcs as we do on a weekly basis as new bedding is a must... Jane was busy rustling up some lovely chutney made from our marrow, pumpkin and tomatoes which was a treat. Inspired no doubt by her Mum's famous tomato relish - So just to keep you all updated the Good Life posse is at 2 dogs, 29 pigs, 12 chooks lots of wild rabbits (which are rodents if you ask me) and a wise owl which we hear most nights but is yet to be seen...

The breed originated around the Berkeley Vale on the southern shores of the river Severn in south west England. It was usually kept in the cider and perry pear orchards of the area and on the dairy farms. Windfall fruit and waste from the dairies supplemented its grazing habit. Local folklore says that the spots on its back are bruises from the falling fruit. Besides its correct title and variations such as Gloster Spot or just Old Spot, the breed is also known as The Orchard Pig and The Cottager's Pig.

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