Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Thinking of getting into beekeeping?

The recent warm weather has really brought out the bees - We've been flat out collecting swarms from all over the local area - some enormous, some little - mostly honeybees but not always... One of the swarms we collected was from a street in Royston - a young family had called us to have it removed. It turned out that the chap concerned's Mum used to keep bees and he was quite interested in taking it up now himself. 

So, last Friday we did our first official one to one training - We organised everything from the hives, bees, suits and equipment and gave an introduction to beekeeping - some great hands on experience and put our customer in touch with his local beekeepers association. We'll also give follow up support when he needs extra advice and help. 

The smell of beeswax brought back lots of memories of his Mum and he was delighted to be well on his way to a satisfying future in being a beekeeper. 

So if anyone out there is interested in getting into beekeeping and would like our help to set everything up please get in touch - We love talking about bees! 

Andre and Jane

Chris Parsons 

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  1. I am that concerned beekeeper! I have to say that Andre was absolutely brilliant (he even bought over some of his fabulous sausages for lunch) and the hive seems to be well established now. The one on one was really useful, adding to the several books I had read in advance and Andre was very patient with all my questions!

    Andre is due over again tomorrow and is continuing to support me in my new hobby and I am really pleased to be able to call myself a beekeeper!

    I can thoroughly recommend working with Andre & Jane and I hope to keep in regular touch with them as my Bee Mentors.

    Chris P.