Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bee in Chimney Testimonial

Dear Andre,

Thank so much for coming and removing the bees nest in our lounge chimney. When the man from the North Herts Council told us there was nothing he could do as they were honey bees we were very worried, As you saw they were entering a hole in the side of the stack about 10 feet from the ground but in the late afternoon when they were queueing up to get back in they must have enlarged their entry hole and cut through into an ensuite bathroom, several dozen came in les than half an hour with some getting into the bedroom itself.

That night my son had to sleep elsewhere. Luckily you arrived the next morning and soon had the situation under control erecting a ladder with a temporary hive next to the entry hole.You smoked a lot out and they moved to the temporary hive. You went off from 12 till near sunset when you returned but bees being bees they had decided that a step from the path up to the lawn was a better spot than the hive you had left.They had swarmed here 
and even started to lay down wax to make a new nest.

I was most impressed when you got down the hive from the ladder top and ever so patiently smoked and coaxed them into the hive with a large soft feather! It must have taken best part of an hour but you were most successful and in the following five days we have only seen two or three on the stack side near the entry hole. Once again Andre a very big thank 
you and I would not hesitate to recomend you to anyone with a similar BEE !!! problem.

Very kind regards,
Robert Greenwood, Lilley, Hertfordshire.

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