Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bumper Honey Crop....

After what could only be described as a pretty dire lead up to this Summer for our bees -  a rainy end to the season in 2012, bitterly cold Winter and snowy April -  we have been pleasantly suprised by our best honey harvest yet this season.

Many hours have been spent filling jars full of lovely honey and it seems that all the hard work has finally paid off. (clever bees too obviously...)

As has been widely reported in the press, the prolonged and coldest Winter for over 50 years brought with it big losses of bee colonies. We've thankfully managed to replenish the colonies we lost over the Winter and feel positive about the year ahead.

On another brighter note, more and more of you are taking up beekeeping! We've been busy over the last couple of months training up families and businesses to keep their own hives and have enjoyed hearing about their own first harvests and successes. 

If anyone would like more info on learning more about beekeeping - please get in touch with Andre on 07958 655962 or

Hope you're all enjoying this lovely Summer,

Jane x

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