Monday, 28 November 2011

How farmers give to charity...

I was chatting to my Dad the other day, he's a farmer in North West New South Wales in Australia and he told me something really quite lovely so I thought I'd share it here.

He runs an Angus cattle stud - fairly big by our standards here (its 5000 acres) which backs onto the Pilliga scrub (a big state owned forest basically). For  quite some time there had been a rogue bullock which no-one seemed to own, he was prone to knocking down fences and creating a general nuisance of himself. So much so that some farmers in the area had tried to do him in! Eventually he made it to Dad's property and began to run with his herd. Maybe it was old age, but maybe he'd just had enough of being a wild one and calmed down.

Dad managed to get him into a truck of other stock which he was sending in to Coonamble to be sold at auction. He was so big he ended up getting the highest price of all the cattle sent that day so he made it into the local paper - The Coonamble Times.

And instead of taking the money for himself - since Dad wasn't really his owner he decided to donate the lot to The Alzheimer's Society - What a bloke eh?

Anyway, thought that was quite lovely - maybe more of us should think about doing some random acts of kindness every now and then. Onya Dad x


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