Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bees under attack!

Tonight I went to visit one of my hives near Shuttleworth at my Bee buddy Margaret's place, I'd been a bit concerned about wasp activity around the hives so I thought I'd better go and check it out. Turns out, one of the hives is under full attack from wasps. I closed the entrance up to a space which would only fit one bee in, one bee out - but they still persisted. They're treating it like a hotel! I'm really worried this might affect the hive and bees quite badly, the colony may even collapse...

I took a fly swat with me, you know those ones shaped like a tennis raquet that zap unsuspecting flies and wasps? It worked quite well but didn't really seem to have any effect on the numbers of wasps there were so many...

I've decided the only thing left to do is to unite this colony with another so they are stronger and better equipped to fight against the wasps. This will give the colony a stronger chance of surviving the Winter and bringing us more honey in the New Year. I'll do this as soon as I can and hopefully (fingers crossed) it will do the trick.

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