Sunday, 29 May 2011

Our Second Honey Harvest!

Quick update to let you know how our bees are doing...

A few weeks ago we lost a swarm, and then as if by magic two weeks later a different turned up in Margaret's garden... What are the chances! Margaret managed to hive the swarm on her first attempt (amazing!) So now we have four colonies on the go. One in particular is doing really well and gave us 10 pounds of honey last weekend....

The other two are slowly building up and we'll hopefully be able to harvest later on in the year. The new swarm is coming along nicely too. We'll just have to be patient with these three.

Unfortunately our 10 pounds of honey only translated into 10 jars which have been snaffled up... We're taking orders for later in the year though so please get in touch if you fancy trying some out!

We're also looking for somewhere to keep one or two hives - close to Stotfold, so if anyone is interested please let us know....

Best, Andre + Jane

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