Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I have the Bee Buzz.... zzzz...

Hive Number One:

Lots has gone on over the last two weeks, on Saturday's inspection we found lots of play cups (these are when the colony practices how to make queen cells), we got rid of them all and have moved over to a double rather than single brood which means we now have almost two colonies in one hive. So we have a lots of bees and lots more soon to hatch. Now that the queen has some more space I hope that she will stay,
but from now on i have to have a look every 7 days, so as not to lose half of my colony through swarming.

I've added a super with new foundation so I hope to see some stores of honey soon as the  rape is out in the fields now.


Hive Number Two:

Is coming a long nicely now, have not managed to see the Queen in this hive this year but she is there as we can see laying eggs.

I set out my bait hive to see if we can lure a swarm in, this is not uncommon I've left it in a garden where I collected a swarm last year.

Looking forward to lots of lovely Hertfordshire honey soon!

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